Do you ever listen to a true crime podcast and think “that’s not quite right…?” Same.

Welcome to the Truer Crime Podcast

Crime stories are hard to ignore and even harder to forget. But the thing is... they’re stories. And getting a story right is all about how you tell it. Truer Crime talks about real people — murdered, missing, misled — with more nuance, more context, and more questions. Hosted by Celisia Stanton.

- Jackie, New Jersey

Most true crime podcasts seem to skim the surface, but I can tell Truer Crime is going to dig deep, and personally, I can't wait!!


For years, like you -- or at least someone you know -- I kept coming back to this captivating and questionable genre: true crime. Then 2020 hit. And in the middle of the pandemic, I was the victim of a huge financial scheme, one that defrauded me of tens of thousands of dollars. Suddenly, I was learning first hand what the ‘justice’ in ‘criminal justice’ really meant. It’s easy to criticize true crime as sick entertainment, but we can’t deny that the way these stories are told has a profound impact on how we view our world. So I don’t think the answer is to stop telling them. In fact, I think we need to go deeper. So I created Truer Crime to do just that. Aside from podcasting, I’m a wedding + portrait photographer, high school debate coach, and mother to three cats (Piedmont, Jean Jacques, and Newton). 

The creator and host of Truer Crime

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“I wouldn't consider myself a true crime fan, and yet, I found myself curious as Celisia shared the story of serial killings in a way that didn't shy away from the killer, but gave spotlight to the victims. Her voice as narrator was less sordid performer and more intentional researcher, which encouraged me through the whole episode to engage past the classic voyeurism of true crime, and to instead consider the events as they exist within the systemic influence of our society. Impeccably researched and very stimulating to listen to!” — Dionne Sims, Owner of Black Garnet Books

Impeccably researched and very stimulating to listen to

"Finally, a true-crime podcast that looks at the darkest corners of humanity and instead of providing us with a constant stream of trauma porn, asks us to confront the failures of both our society and justice system and seek better solutions. Stanton delivers the stories with compassion and a keen understanding of abolition and transformative justice. I hope Truer Crime marks a shift in the way we consume tragedy...and more importantly, the way we solve it."  — Dani Bruflodt, @Thyme_is_Honey and Host of Plan Podcast

I hope Truer Crime marks a shift in the way we consume tragedy

“So entertaining and powerful; truly rooting for this podcast to take off and trend! I’m so impressed with this podcast. It’s admirably ethical and incredibly well-researched. If you’re into crime podcasts and like to stay educated and aware of the reality of our justice system definitely check this out” — Apple Podcasts Reviewer

Definitely a top contender!!

“The trailer for Truer Crime already has me hooked. Celisia comes across as approachable, authentic, inquisitive, and most importantly empathetic. You can just feel the passion she has for justice, as she seemingly is living through being the victim of a crime herself. Most true crime podcasts seem to skim the surface, but I can tell that this Truer Crime is going to dig deep, and personally, I can’t wait.” — Jackie, Apple Podcasts Reviewer

I'm Hooked Already!

“I’ve been pulled into true crime shows, books, and podcasts in the past but did often feel like something was missing. Of course Celisia is the one smart enough to figure it out. I can’t wait to listen to this.”— Apple Podcasts Reviewer


“Celisia does a fantastic job of breaking down issues to their core. If you are interested in a true crime podcast that is highly thought provoking, then this is perfect for you! On a side note, it’s as if her voice was made to host a podcast. Her voice + good earphones = love at first hear!” — Ryan, Apple Podcasts Reviewer

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